Splunk Enterprise Security Architect .

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In a constantly changing world, we work together with our people, clients and communities to enable them to fulfill their potential to do great things. We believe that by bringing everyone together, we can solve problems using innovative technology that can create a world that is sustainable and secure. At NTT, we encourage you to remain continuously curious, as that is what keeps you fast, flexible and relevant. No two days will be the same but that is what will help you grow and realize your full potential.

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Want to be a part of our team? 

We’re seeking a Splunk Enterprise Security Architect  to join our highly successful Professional Services Team. Joining us on contract in Sydney.

Your day at NTT

  • Integrate SIEM into the Security Operations Centre using Splunk.
  • Design, implement and maintain the Splunk ES platform
  • Monitor availability of OT security crown jewels and security events using the SIEM tool (Splunk-ES)
  • Identify, evaluate, design, implement and optimise Splunk ES with security policy and goals
  • Identify and implement solutions to user issues with various data sources on-boarding.
  • On-boarding various Operational Technology crown jewels.



What would make you a good fit for this role?

  • Strong experience working with SIEM and Splunk ES.
  • Strong experience implementing and maintaining the Splunk ES on distributed Environment.
  • Strong knowledge of enterprise security, privilege management and governance services
  • Experience in Continuous development and deployment Ideally Splunk Enterprise certified Admin or Splunk Architect.
  • Knowledge on Operational Technology platforms.
  • Experience with various Operating Systems.
  • Experience with Splunk or other SIEM platforms.
  • Understanding of common query languages leveraged by SIEM platforms.
  • Logging technologies including syslog, Windows Event collectors and agent-based data acquisition.
  • Data normalization and the Splunk CIM.
  • Creating and developing reporting capabilities.
  • Experience managing a large distributed SIEM environment.