Senior Systems Engineer - Office 365.

Senior Systems Engineer - Office 365

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Want to be a part of our team? 

We are looking for a Senior Systems Engineer - (Office 365) for a 6 months engagement in Melbourne CBD to assist our partner within Hospital & Health Care industry. 

Role / Responsibilities: 

  • Remediation of existing platform services/infrastructure that relate to the core domain (a total of 21 servers relate to AD/Exchange in the core domain)
  • O365 Outlook & Teams client distribution, deployment & upgrading of required endpoints that aren't covered by migration done by the vendor
  • Any deployment activities (like Teams apps deployment, configuration with line of business)
  • Remediation of any Office VBAs/Macros that weren't compatible with the new version of Office 365, thus weren't able to be migrated (especially for people & culture and finance functions)
  • Provisioning of new/expiring users requested accesses on O365, AD, AAD, SCCM within 3 days of requisition (turn over of around 170 staff/month)
  • Confirmation of the migration batches preparing for Office 365 migration schedule (5 batches varying from 100 users to 5,000 users each that will be migrated in a 6 months period)
  • Applications setup and integration
  • Create, configure, manage, secure and troubleshoot file and web resources that relate to O365
  • Configure, manage and troubleshoot connectivity to O365, as well as managing encryption, security zones and firewalls within the O365 tenancy
  • Configure, manage, secure and troubleshoot two forest environments, including O365 servers, client computers, AD organisational units and group policies
  • Configure, secure and troubleshoot remote access
  • Troubleshoot and resolve O365 issues or malfunctions and provide user support
  • Deliver a consistent process for incident and problem escalation along with resolution
  • Participate in gathering and analysis of business requirements for O365 capabilities and advise on best application within the environment
  • Perform system backup, data retrieval and disaster recovery processes for O365
  • Implement and manage O365 Governance guidelines and Compliance, including creating user policies around the proper use of O365
  • Create, configure, manage, secure and troubleshoot all O365, Azure, security and compliance policies
  • Implement and manage O365 subscription, usage and tenant health
  • Secure the Messaging Environment whenever new features are introduced by Microsoft
  • Manage O365 User Identity and Roles, including adding/removing users as required to the O365 environment and its applications
  • Manage O365 Organisational Settings and Resources
  • Manage O365 security alerts and potential risks
  • Perform data deletion, archiving and data maintenance rule updates to ensure the organisation has sufficient storage space and perform monthly clean up and maintenance of O365 environment
  • Provide monthly report and analysis of O365 usage and recommendations for better practices (that relate, but not limited to, security, compliance, governance and usability)